PESHAWAR: Coronavirus has impacted the whole world and routine life has also been disturbed after over two weeks of partial lockdown due to which the life of common man has become difficult.

The daily-wage labourers are the most affected people from the lockdown as they are unable to find work and lost their source of income. The women working at home are also facing difficulties as they are finding it difficult to get work. Daily-wagers and home-based workers used to get a lot of work during Eid days and wedding season, but nowadays people are neither buying the clothes nor getting them stitched.

The women who do tailoring and embroidery work from home said they have not seen such a difficult time during their lifetime. They said they have not got orders from any customers and their male relatives have also not found work. They said the virus may kill them or not but they may be killed by hunger and the increasing burden of loans.

Continuous lockdown has also given rise to social issues besides increasing economic woes. Reports of domestic tensions are being received everyday and people are fighting within their homes over increasing problems domestic violence has also witnessed increase. Parents also remain tense as their children cannot go to school or go out of home and they are confined to their homes. The male members of the family who are running out of money are venting their anger on female members and children.

People don’t have any entertainment at homes particularly in rural areas, where there is even no facility of cable TV. Unfortunately, there is still a section in the society that considers coronavirus as a conspiracy. This mainly happens due to lack of awareness and no exposure to authentic information.

The government has taken a number of steps after coronavirus emergency, but no visible policy has been introduced for the labourers. Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a package for the poor and low-income groups, but the procedure to obtain the assistance has been made difficult for them. The poor people don’t know how to register for assistance through online procedure. They have requested the government to make the registration procedure easier for them.