Musarrat Bibi talking to TNN. - Photo by Gul Hammad Farooqi

By Gul Hammd Farooqi

CHITRAL, 18 August: Mussarat Bibi, a poor widow from Reshan area of Chitral, has lost everything in the recent flash flood.

Musarrat, daughter of Murad Khan, had no brother and her husband also died recently. She was married in a poor family in Sareeh village of Shabqadar tehsil of Charsadda district. Musarrat says she has to take care of her little orphan children with no resources. She said she lived in a rented house in Shabqadar. She said someone forcibly bought their property from her father on a very low price and now they have no assets whatsoever.

Musarrat said the only family house was located near a stream in Reshan area of Chitral which was washed away in the recent flash flood. She said her old mother now lives in a tent and often thinks that who will reconstruct her house as she had no husband, son or any other male relative. She said she used to come to her home in Chitral during summer vacations, but everything has ended now. She said she was offering the Maghrib prayer when someone alarmed her about the coming flood. She said they saved their lives but the flash flood washed away everything they owned.

No males in the family means they cannot go to the ration collecting points to fetch food for them. Musarrat has appealed to the well off people to help her in reconstructing her mother’s home.