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PESHAWAR, 30 June: Persistent warm weather and unannounced power breakdowns have forced the residents of the provincial metropolis to swim in extremely polluted canals.

Talking to TNN, they said that with the start of the holy month of Ramazan, power outages also registered an unprecedented increase. Besides, they said, there is no proper system of provision of potable water. This is why we are compelled to swim in polluted canals to brave the hot weather. They urged the government to construct swimming pools for the residents of Peshawar.

“I came here [to swim in this dirty canal] because we don’t have adequate water at our homes. We can’t afford going to private swimming pools because they heavily charge their customers. I am a labourer working nearby. Whenever weather gets unbearable I just jumped into this canal. No doubt this water channel is dirty. But we’ve no other option. If the government reduces power outages we would be able to get adequate water and would take bath in our homes,” a labourer swimming in the canal said.

On the other hand, doctors say that swimming in the dirty water causes hepatitis and skin-related diseases. Parents should strictly direct their children not to swim in polluted water.


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