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By Zahid Mulaguri

MULAGURI, 17 July: The unavailability of electricity has been badly affecting the marble industry as more than 200 units have been closed since the last three days in Mullagori area of Jamurd subdivision of Khyber Agency.

According to owners of these industrial units, due to low voltage and frequent disruption in the supply of electricity, they had mutually agreed to keep half of the units closed to keep the remaining operational for one month and vice versa.

“But since the last three days, power supply to the marble city has been stopped by the Tesco officials due to which as many as 222 units are closed,” said Muhammad Gul Afridi, owner of a unit.

“Not only the owners of the industries are facing losses due to the closure of the industries but more than 10,000 laborers have also been left jobless,” he maintained.

On the other hand, Tesco officials said that power supply has been suspended to the industrial units to provide electricity to domestic consumers. Officials said power supply would be restored as they get sufficient electricity.