‘PPP unlikely to support passage of existing Fata reforms Bill from Senate’

PESHAWAR: The leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Akhunzada Chattan on Tuesday said that his party has serious reservations over the Fata Reforms Bill and it is unlikely to be passed from Upper house before general elections.

Speaking at live Facebook program ‘Badloon’ conducted by Tribal News Network, he said that the current government has modified the original FATA Reforms Bill and approved it from the National Assembly. However, the original bill is different from the existing one,he said and added that the government has brought changes in the bill for its own benefits rather than protecting the interest of Fata people.

Akhunzada said that there were certain doubts and regarding the bill, therefore, he requested the government to thoroughly undergo the bill and amend it before passing through the Senate.

Criticizing the members of Senate members from Fata and political parties, he said  “these are our very own people who are creating hurdles in progress of the bill.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of FATA Youth Jirga Adnan Shinwari has disagreed with Akhunzada and said that the chairman of Senate and Opposition Leader in the Upper House had assured them that FATA Reforms Bill would be included in the agenda of  the Senate next session.

“Now is the right time to play their role in passing the bill from the house”

On the other side, the Naib Ameer Malik Sami Khan Mehsud accorded in saying that the government is not taking the bill seriously and the tribal people are waiting for the approval of the bill.

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