LANDI KOTAL, 3 October: Pakistan People’s Party, Khyber Agency chapter, on Tuesday demanded of the political administration to immediately released the 31 persons arrested under collective responsibility clause of Frontier Crimes Regulations.

Talking to reporters here, PPP agency president Hazrat Wali Afridi said that 31 persons were arrested after Customs Department officials were targeted in a bomb blast on September 21 last month, injuring two officials.

He said that the tribesmen hailing from Sadokhel tribe were arrested after a search operation was launched, adding that the arrested persons had neither affiliation with any militant organization nor ever involved in acts of terrorism.

He said that they were peace-loving people and warned that PPP would launch a protest drive if the arrested persons were not released. The threatened to block Pak-Afghan highway for traffic in protest and the political administration would be responsible if anything happened.

It merits a mention here that a fifth grader was among the arrested persons who was released after Tribal News Network published a news about his arrest.