Students of Government Primary School Ghar Ghashay in Buner attending classes under open sky due to shortage of classrooms. - Photo by Imran Khan

BUNER, 20 November: The students of Government Primary School Ghar Ghashay in Buner are facing many difficulties due to shortage of classrooms and other basic facilities in the school.

One hundred and seventy students of the whole school are made to sit in two classrooms of the school in an extremely congested atmosphere. In case of rain, the school administration gives holiday to the students of primary and first grade, while other students sit in two room in extremely congested atmosphere.

A fourth grade student of the school told TNN that the students of two classes sit in one room. He said one teacher takes one class at one time while the students of other classrooms are controlled by the monitor. He said they cannot understand their lessons properly due to disturbance created by the presence of students of other classes.

A teacher of the school said the teaching staff is also facing difficulties due to shortage of rooms. He said the situation becomes worse during rains.

On the other hand, ADO Planning and Development (P&D) Saeed Ahmed told TNN that more rooms would be constructed in the school if space was available.


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