Primary school in Kurram village remains closed after reconstruction

SADDA: The only primary school for boys in Kundli area of Central Kurram Agency is closed for the last six years due to which the children of the area are deprived of education.

A local person, Matiur Rehman told TNN that the school was set on fire by the miscreants in 2008 during militancy in the area. He said although the school building has been reconstructed, but educational activities are yet to be initiated in the school. He said peace has been restored in the area and displaced people have also returned, therefore, the school should be opened without further delay. He said the precious time of the local students is being lost due to continuous closure of the school.

When contacted, Political Moharrar of Central Kurram, Daud told TNN that he has discussed the matter with the Education Department. He assured that the school will be opened soon.

Additional Education Officer Ahmed Khan said the school will be opened after the local elders assure the higher authorities that the area is clear.

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