Workers of printing presses protesting in front of KP Assembly. - Photo by Kashif Aziz

PESHAWAR, 13 October: The owners and workers of printing presses on Monday staged a protest demonstration in front of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly and blocked the road for two hours against publication of text books in the printing press of Punjab.

The protesting owners and workers of printing presses said all the printing of text books of KP is being carried out in the printing presses of Punjab due to which the workers of 70 printing presses in Peshawar are facing a very difficult situation. They said thousands of workers in Peshawar fear losing their jobs because of no work at the printing presses.

A protesting worker of a printing press told TNN that the printing presses of KP were working for the Text Book Board since long under an agreement. “The government used to provide us paper and we were printing books for them. However, a mafia was active to sabotage our relations with the Textbook Board and it finally succeeded in doing so in connivance with some people in the government,” he said.

The protesters dispersed peacefully after the lawmakers assured them that a meeting of printing presses owners with Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak will be arranged tomorrow (Wednesday).


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