Private educational institutions reject 5th, 8th grade exams under education board

PARACHINAR, 25 May: The private educational institutions of Hangu district, Orakzai and Kurram tribal agencies have rejected the procedure of conducting fifth and eighth grade exams under the education board.

Spate meetings in this regard were held in Kurram, Orakzai and Thall where the participants decided that this procedure will never be accepted.

The National Education Council FATA Chairman Murtaza Hussain said while addressing a meeting in Parachinar that the procedure of detention exam by the education board is inappropriate. He said conducting exams under this procedure will ruin future of the students.

“We strongly reject the 5th and 8th grade exams under the education board. Transparency in the matriculation and intermediate exams should be ensured first before conducting primary and middle exams under the board. The regulatory authority is taking these steps probably to close private educational institutions,” Mr Hussain said.

Addressing a similar meeting in Thall, All Private Schools Management Association president Islam Bahadur and in Orakzai Agency, Javed Orakzai said conducting 5th grade exams under the education board will further promote the menace of cheating in exams. They said the government is making all these experiments to consume the Rs4 billion foreign funds received for conducting exams. They threatened to close educational institutions if such decisions were imposed on them.

They also criticised establishment of Private Schools Regulatory Authority, saying that such steps will cause closure of private schools in FATA.

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