Private Schools Management Association representative addressing a press conference in Swat. – Photo by Iftikhar Ahmed

SWAT, 25 November: The private schools of Swat have refused to conduct the fifth grade exams under the education board and called upon the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to take back the decision.

Private Schools Management Association president Sawab Khan said while addressing a press conference at Swat Press Club on Thursday that the provincial government was trying to impose the agenda of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) by conducting the fifth grade exams through the education board. He said the private schools will never accept this decision.

Sawab Khan alleged that the Swat Education Board chairman is not leaving the post despite end of his tenure and he is involved in corruption. He said the sub-ordinates of the chairman on his directions are conducting raids on private schools and homes of administrators which is unjust. He said the private schools will launch a protest movement if the provincial government did not take back the decision of conducting fifth grade exams through the education board.