PESHAWAR: After the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Regulatory Authority (PSRA) has taken back the notification to private schools for collecting half fee of summer vacations.

After withdrawal of the PSRA notification, now the parents will have to pay full fee of their children for summer vacations to private schools. On the orders of the Peshawar High Court (PHC), the PSRA had asked the private schools to collect 50 percent fee of summer vacations from the students. However, the private schools owners had challenged this verdict of the PHC in the Supreme Court.

The apex court nullified the PHC verdict and allowed the private schools to collect full fee of summer vacations. Now after the Supreme Court verdict, the private schools have started receiving full fee of summer vacations from students.

The PSRA says private schools may increase tuition fee by 10 percent in a year, but approval of PSRA will be mandatory for this purpose. It says siblings enrolled in the same private school will get 20 percent concession in the fees. Similarly, the private schools will not force the parents to buy uniforms, books and other necessary items for their children from a particular shop. The private educational institutions have also been made bound to provide all information about the facilities in their prospectus. Any fee above Rs1,000 will not be accepted in cash and it will be deposited in the bank account of the school. The money received in the head of fines will not be included in the school income, and it will be spent for welfare purposes.

The PSRA has also asked the private schools not to exploit the teachers and provide them jobs and salaries according to merit.