Photo by Muhammad Tayyeb

PESHAWAR, 30 August: The Fata Grand Alliance has rejected the proposed set of reforms for the tribal areas by the Sartaj Aziz-led committee and demanded the establishment of an independent Fata Council.

The alliance’s leaders led by Malik Khan Marjan addressed a news conference at the Peshawar press club on Tuesday and complained that the reforms committee shared its recommendations with the parliamentarians and incorporated their proposals but did not consult them.

“We were not consulted before finalizing the reforms package,” said Khan Marjan, a pro-FCR tribal malik from the North Waziristan agency.

“The FCR should not be abolished completely and only its inhuman clauses should be repealed,” he demanded.

He further demanded that an independent Fata Council should be established instead of merging the tribal areas with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He suggested that the political agent and the governor should also be made answerable to the Council.