Photo by Abdul Sattar

MARDAN, 21 November: Property dealers in Mardan staged protest demonstration against the automation of land record what they called as a flawed system here outside Mardan Press Club on Monday.

In the computerized record names of some people were registered wrong while others were shown as owners of small piece of land than the actual size of the property they owned, the protesters complained

They accused that the concerned department only deal  60 cases of land disputes on daily basis but hundreds of complainants go back their homes empty handed at the end of the day.

Property Association District President Nawab Ali demanded that either computerized system should be replaced with old patwari system or the computerized system should be made free of errors. He said that error free automated service should be launched at union councils level.

Meanwhile, Additional Deputy Commissioner Afsar Khan has said that the revenue department has launched the computerized system on experimental basis and flaws in the system would be removed with the passage of time.

Afsar Khan criticized property dealers for opposing the  computerization of land record saying these dealers would make fake land documents and exercise frauds in land transfer with the help of Patwaris. However, he said the property dealers were not able to continue their malpractices after the introduction of computerization of land record.