PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Civil Services (PCS) Officers Association have called upon the provincial government to retain the old status of Khassadars and Levies personnel under the respective district administrations.

In a letter addressed to Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, Governor Shah Farman, KP chief secretary, and home and tribal affairs secretary, the PCS officers said the governor has signed an ordinance few days ago under which Levies and Khassadars have got police powers in the tribal areas. The letter said the director general and deputy director general of Levies will belong to police under the ordinance and Levies head in every district will be considered district police officer.

The letter mentioned that the Levies and Khassadar force personnel have initiated protests against forced sackings and they have also refused to provide security to the polio vaccination teams as part of their protest.

The PCS officers said the Levies and Khassadars should be merged into the KP Police and they should get equal salaries and other privileges. The letter said if this was not done, it will be impossible to control the Levies and Khassadars and it may ultimately affect the security situation in the tribal districts.

The letter mentioned that the PMS and PAS officers held a meeting at the Civil Secretariat on Thursday and agreed that this issue must be resolved after taking all the stakeholders into confidence. They called upon the government to review the recently promulgated ordinance and retain the old status of Levies and Khassadars. They said if the Levies and Khassadars are to be merged with KP Police, then they should be given equal salaries and other privileges.

Meanwhile, the Levies and Khassadars postponed today’s (Friday’s) sit-in at D-Chowk in Islamabad after Peshawar corps commander ensured support for their rightful demands.

Syed Jalal Wazir, All Khassadar and Levies Committee chairman, told media persons that the committee held a meeting with the corps commander who assured support and said that he will raise the issues of the protesting Khassadars and Levies with the federal and provincial governments. He claimed the corps commander has agreed to all demands of Khassadars and Levies.


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