BANNU: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf member Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly from Bannu Shah Muhammad Khan refused to accept special advisor to chief minister seat.

Unhappy over continuous negligence by party leadership, he said that PTI’s provincial leadership has ignored elected members of party from southern districts.

He alleged that PTI’s southern districts’ president was busy in securing seats for MPAs from Swat and Peshawar that would weaken party position in Southern party of KP.

He said that Southern districts were not given a single seats out of 15 reserved seats, adding that he along with eight other MPAs from the districts have held a meeting wherein they decided to continue resist any attempt to deprive the area of its rights.

The MPA demanded of Prime Minister Imran Khan to nominate any MPA from most backward Southern districts for chief minister’s slot as he did in Punjab.

Talking to media few days ago, he complained that he was a senior leader of party who was not treated according to his position. “Imran Khan won a seat from Bannu and in turn he should reciprocate nominating MPAs from Southern districts on important positions,” he commented.

Meanwhile, district, village councilors of the districts have convened a meeting on September 1 to decide future course of action if the party continue to ignore the districts.