MARDAN: The Education Department has decided to send the headmaster of a government school on forced retirement and demote another official after the students of a school in Mardan were made to sing a political song during a function at the school.

During a function at Koe Barmol Primary School in Katlang tehsil of Mardan, the schoolteachers in a bid to appease the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member KP Assembly Malik Shaukat made the students to sing the popular party song “Rok Sako to Rok Lo, Tabdeli Ae Hai.” 

A student was singing the song on the dais and the student sitting in the lawn were singing along with him while the teachers were sitting on the stage.  The video also exposed the fact that there were no chairs and tables for students to sit on rather they were sitting on the ground. 

The video of the event soon went viral on the social media and different quarters sought action over this inappropriate behaviour of the school administration.

Asif, while commenting on the twitter post said that children are apolitical and dragging them in politics are the trends of old Pakistan. 

Abu Bakar Saeed while commenting on the post said that “Mashallah good education is being provided to students in schools”. 

A twitter user Bangash said that it was shame for the principal of the school. 

The inquiry report of the incident prepared by Education Department’s ADO Establishment Javed Iqbal and Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Sorayan Hamid Khan declared the school headmaster Abrarul Haq responsible for the incident and decided to send him on forced retirement.

The song ‘Rok Sako’ was sung by serving Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, Jawad Kahlown and Shah Zaman during the PTI election campaign. This song was extremely famous during the election campaign.

On the other hand, Circle ADO Katlang has been made officer on special duty (OSD) as he was found unaware of the incident. Four more teachers of the school have also been transferred.

The singing of PTI song by the student in the government school was embarrassing for PTI government which claims that it has cleared education, police and other departments from politics.  


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