Kaif Afridi

PESHAWAR: Samia Anjum, a 35-year-old teacher at a private school and mother of three, says brought-up of children has become very challenging these days.

She said her husband is a motorcycle mechanic and she personally drops her children to school and bring them back and send them to her neighbour female teacher for religious lessons. Samia Anjum said she hears news about sexual abuse of children on almost daily basis which keeps her troubled and she keeps her children under her watch all the time.

Aminullah Mohmand, social activist and chairman of Hamqadam Youth of Pakistan, said while talking to TNN that child abuse is increasing in our society like dengue virus. He said it is the responsibility of parents to keep their children under their watch. He said most of the times, children become victim of sexual abuse due to negligence of parents. Aminullah said the law enforcing agencies must award strict punishment to culprits involved in sexual abuse. He said the existing policy seems to be failing as the incidents of sexual violence are on the rise in Pakistan. He said the situation may go from bad to worse if timely measures were not taken.

Maulana Hafiz Salmanul Haq Haqqani, a teacher at Darul Uloom Haqqania, said Almighty Allah will not bestow mercy upon a person on the Judgement Day who indulges into sexual abuse. He said sexual abusers must be punished under Shariah Law. He said culprits of such crimes must be thrown down from a high place then then a mob must stone them.

Salman Shahzad, a lawyer at the Peshawar High Court, also agrees with Maulana Salmanul Haq. He said such punishments must be given to culprits which could serve a lesion for other people. Salman Advocate said investigation is not properly conducted in sexual abuse cases and then people raise finger over the performance of judiciary. He said sexual abusers must be publicly executed. He said the government should do legislation in this regard.

Sahil, an NGO working on protecting children from sexual and other abuses, in its biannual report said 729 girls and 575 boys became victim of sexual abuse in Pakistan in first six months of 2019. Similarly, 378 children were kidnapped and 12 boys and four girls were killed after sexual abuse.

Few days ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered introduction of ‘Mera Bacha Alert’ mobile application through which people could immediately file report if their child goes missing. The app will be ready within two weeks.