ISLAMABAD: Qatar has selected Pakistan to be one of eight countries where Qatar Visa Center will be established to facilitate Pakistanis who want to work in Qatar.

The Embassy of the State of Qatar informed the Prime Ministers’ Special Assistant Zulfikar Bukhari in a letter about the decision.

The Embassy of the State of Qatar said that in the first phase, eight Visa Centers will be set up across the World to facilitate the workers from different countries in the process of making contracts with their employers before arriving in Qatar.

“Qatar Visa Centers” will also help in protecting the rights of the workforce in case they are violated by the employers.

The establishment of a visa center will ensure the elimination of exploitative practices and Pakistani workers will have their rights protected. There are 115,000 Pakistanis in Qatar and new job opportunities will increase this number.

The new project of establishing this sort of facilitation center will ease the process for Pakistanis that want to work in Qatar. This eventually will increase remittances, making this step a good news for the economy of the Country.