Mehrab Shah Afridi

LANDIKOTAL: The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) in Landikotal area of Khyber tribal district has launched a campaign to kill stray dogs by poisoning them.

The TMA officials have killed several stray dogs in Landikotal so far by giving them poisoned food. Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) Shahbaz Khan said while talking to TNN that the stray dogs were killed by giving them food mixed with poison. He said stray dogs had become a nuisance for traders, shopkeepers and visitors of Landikotal Bazaar. He said 14 stray dogs have been killed in the bazaar so far. He said the dogs were killed to save people from any harm.

Shahbaz Khan said some people in villages leave stray dogs in the city area which trouble the people of the city. He said action would be taken against any person seen bringing a stray dog to the city. He said several incidents of dog bites were reported in Landikotal city and the citizens had lodged several complaints in this regard with the TMA. The TMO said treatment for dog bite is expensive and not available particularly in rural areas. He said a child also reportedly died in Landikotal after dog bite. He said poison was brought from Peshawar for killing the dogs.

Waqar Afridi, a local resident, said stray dogs had made the lives of citizens difficult in Landikotal Bazaar. He said some people cannot look after dogs in villages and they bring them in sacks and leave them in the city area which then becomes a headache for the city residents and traders.

Zeba Mehsud, an activist working on animal rights, said while talking to TNN that killing dogs by mixing poison in food was against the animal rights. She said the TMA should have used a better option castrating the stray dogs instead of killing them publicly by poisoning them. She said poisoning the stray dogs is not a permanent solution to the problem as this problem will re-emerge after few months. She said the TMA officials must castrate stray dogs instead of killing them. She said the TMA has set a wrong precedent by killing the dogs.

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