PARACHINAR: Rallies were held in Kurram and Khyber tribal districts on Friday to express solidarity with the armed forces of Pakistan in the event of any aggression by India.

The elders of Turi-Bangash tribes in Parachinar, Kurram tribal district, said they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces. They said they will fight alongside the Pakistan Army if India committed any act of aggression against Pakistan.

In this regard, Anjuman-e-Hussainia took out a rally in Parachinar Bazaar which after marching through different parts of the bazaar reached the press club. The Anjuman-e-Hussainia leaders Haji Sardar Hussain, Haji Noor Muhammad and others alleged that the US was planning to increase the influence of India in Afghanistan to weaken Pakistan. They that the US has failed into its mission and now other plans are being made to destabilise Pakistan.

The Anjuman-e-Hussainia leaders asked India to stop issuing threatening statements. They said the people of the tribal areas have offered countless sacrifices for the country and they will never hesitate to offer more sacrifices to defend the motherland.

Meanwhile, the people of Mallagori area of Khyber tribal district also held a massive rally in Lwara Mena area to express solidarity with the armed forces.

The rally led by the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Subedar (Retd) Sabz Ali marched from Lwara Mena Bazaar to Ghakhi area. Sabz Ali said while addressing the rally that the people of the tribal districts stand with the armed forces of Pakistan and will never hesitate to offer any sacrifice for the defence of the country. He said the tribal people have defended the motherland in the past and will be there to defend the country again if anyone dared to intrude into our territory. The JI leader said India will get a jaw-breaking response from Pakistan if it dared to commit any aggression on the border.

Participants of the rally also chanted slogans in favour of the armed forces and against India. They condemned the Indian fiery statements after the Pulwama incident and said India should put its own house in order rather than pointing an accusing finger at others.


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