Provision of the ration is a blessing in disguise for some families given the rampant unemployment in the war-torn tribal areas.

There were people who were thankful to the government for the ration and considered it a boon in their rainy days. But the government has stopped the provision of ration recently which has added to the miseries of those families.

Ms. Fatima, from Kurram Agency, was one of those who lived a satisfied life with the ration and aid her family received from the government. “The ration was a blessing in disguise for us at a time when we had no roof over our heads and my husband was jobless,” she said.

She said she received ghee, flour, pulses, soap, shampoo, tea and other items from a collection point in Sadda area of Kurram Agency for six months.

She was contented with what she would receive and said the food given to her family was more than enough. “But the government has stopped it too,” she lamented. She demanded of the government to resume ration provision to the repatriated families in order to help them stand on their feet.