PESHAWAR: Tribesmen of various tribal districts demanded of the government to construct health facilities before distribution of Sehat Insaf Cards among them.

Though they welcomed the federal government’s initiative and said how they would use when they have no health facilities in their areas.

The cards aimed at to provide free medical treatment to over 2.5 million families in tribal areas.

“It will do away with prevailing sense of deprivation among the tribal people,” said Khanzeb Mehsud while talking to TNN.

In fact, it would have been better had the government constructed healthcare facilities that were destroyed during militancy otherwise no one would get any kind of benefit from the cards.

“Health facilities were blown up and the government should first construct them instead of distributing sehat insaf cards,” he added.

Some tribesmen fears nepotism in its distribution. Member Tribal Youth Union Naila Altaf was of that these cards won’t be distributed on merit and asked for a survey so that deserving people could get these cards.

“More than 80 percent people cannot afford treatment at hospitals,” she said and urged that those who are well off and afford treatment should voluntarily refuse to receive these cards. She urged the government to ensure merit so that every deserving could get it.

Ameer Orakzai insisted that each and every family should receive these cards as all of them have suffered immensely due to war on terror.

Tribesmen have lost their each and everything therefore all of them deserve to be facilitated.

“Our houses, properties, hospitals, schools, businesses all were destroyed but the government never took such a step for our welfare that could be appreciated,” he lamented.

He said that Sehat Insaf Card would be the first initiatve that would address their complaints to some extent.

The previous government has distributed health cards among Bajaur and Khyber tribesmen under which they would get free of cost treatment.

Dr Rasheed Khan of DHQ Bajaur said that people could not benefited from this card as it was for specific diseases and its scope was limited.

“People could get treatment of hepatitis B and C, heart and other fatal diseases,” he said, adding that patient would first pay from his own pocket on his treatment and then would be paid which a long and painful process.

He said tribesmen would easily get treatment under the new Sehat Insaf Card.