BLOG:Regi Model Town: Government grants permission to build houses

Tayyeb Afridi
Tayyeb Afridi
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By Tayyeb Afridi

After being stagnant for almost 27 years, Regi Model Town has finally matured enough that the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) has granted permission to the owners of the plots to build their houses in Zone 3 and 4. While, the other three zones i.e  1,2 and 5 have not been cleared for construction.

Soon after receiving green signal, the owners have vibrantly initiated construction work in Regi, while the PDA has also commenced work on Education Complex that encompasses schools and colleges keeping in view the present day educational requirements. In addition, the PDA has also started work on basic health unit to provide the dwellers with health coverage.

Regi Model Town
In a tweet, KP finance minister Taimur Khan Jhagra reiterated his resolve to prioritize the Regi housing project.

Along with the provision of gas, electricity, water facility, and setting up a police station, the PDA has now carpeted the Nasir Bagh road with double layers that provides a gateway to Regi model town. A new park, bigger than Bagh-e- Naran, Hayatabad, has been built which is open for families that want to have picnic in the park with abundant sun being enjoyed in winter.

Regi is the second venture of the KP government that comprised of 27,000 houses, and divided in five zones i.e., zone 1,2,3,4,5. In order to rectify flaws made in the planning of Hayatabad scheme, the government has paid meticulous attention to the planning of Regi.

Unlike other governments, the previous PTI government had taken interest in the project and released Rs2 billion for the construction of roads and pavements, which accelerated the pace of work. The infrastructural changes at large have led the business community to invest in the project.

However, they have reservations over government attention, which is now diverted completely towards BRT project as the CM KP has given deadline to complete it until March 2018. The investors and owners actually anticipate the other zones to be opened for construction.

The property dealers and investors have said this project is going to increase its value in the near future if the northern bypass and main approach road for Regi are developed. Interestingly, the worth of plots in Regi town has increased after the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) lunched work on its project located on the other side of the canal, separating it from Regi model Town.

People have pinned their hopes with this government project because Hayatabad has gone beyond the affordability of upper middle class as the prices of 05-marla plot in phase-6 have been reckoned at 13 million ( 1 Crore, 30 lakh) rupees , whilst in Phase-4, up to 12 million ( 1 crore, 20 lakh) rupees.

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