MANSEHRA: The relatives of labourers who were killed in land sliding on Karakorum Highway in Upper Kohistan on Tuesday staged protest in Mansehra and blocked the highway for all kinds of traffic.

The protesters said Wapda was responsible for the tragic incident of land sliding in which nine labourers lost their lives. They alleged that the Wapda was doing blasting on the highway and bringing heavy machinery due to which the condition of roads has deteriorated.

The protesters demanded filing of case against Wapda and contractor of Construction and Works Department as they were responsible for land sliding due to expansion work on the road.

Nine labourers lost their lives and three others were injured when their vehicle was trapped under a landslide on the Karakorum Highway late on Monday night.

The labourers employed by a Chinese company for work on Dasu power plant were returning from work when their vehicle was trapped under the landslide near Khushi point. The highway was closed for traffic and a rescue operation was launched with heavy machinery which lasted for four hours, during which nine bodies were retrieved and sent to hospital. The highway was opened for traffic after completion of the operation. The deceased labourers hailed from Kohistan.

Station House Officer (SHO) of Dasu Police Station Naseeruddin Babar said land sliding is happening on Karakorum High due to expansion work.

A miraculous escape

In a miraculous escape, a passenger van avoided a major damage despite being hit by a land sliding in Orakzai tribal district on Tuesday.

Levies sources said a huge stone fell from a mountain and hit a moving passenger van in Orakzai tribal district. The van moved away from the road with the impact of the huge stone, but fortunately it was held by a roadside tree, and did not fall into a deep ravine. Had the passenger coach fallen into the ravine, it would have caused many casualties.

A woman was injured in the incident, while the other passengers remained safe. The stranded vehicle was pulled back by the passengers and local people with the help of ropes. The van was damaged in the incident. The road remained blocked for some time due to rescue work after which it was opened.


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