A view of the relief camp for Khyber Agency families in Peshawar. – Photo by Salim Afridi

PESHAWAR, October 28: The Al-Khidmat Foundation has set up a relief camp with a capacity to accommodate 200 affected families of Khyber Agency operation.

Lal Akbar Afridi, the president of Al-Khidmat Foundation for the agency, said that each family would be provided with two tents in the relief camp at Khyber village on Ring Road.

He added that the facilities of kitchen, washroom and electricity were available in the camp and that the internally displaced persons (IDPs) would stay there till they find homes for themselves.

“We have left behind everything in our homes while fleeing the military operation in Khyber Agency. May Almighty Allah bless the Al-Khidmat Foundation for providing us with the tents and other items! It’s been a week or so that our father is wandering in search of a house, but he couldn’t find any. Most of the houses are expensive. How come can have enough money for renting a house after being displaced?” stated a tribesman at the relief camp.


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