Shelters, water coolers installed to facilitate Afghan nationals at Torkham border

Mehrab Afridi

LANDIKOTAL: The political administration in Landikotal, Khyber Agency, has provided cold drinking water, sun shelter and other facilities for commuters and transporters at Torkham border.

The administration says cold drinking water, shelter from sun and complaint cell for the returning Afghan refugees have been provided at the border crossing to facilitate the travellers and transporters keeping in view their needs in the hot weather. Assistant Political Agent Landikotal Niaz Muhammad, Tehsildar Shamsul Islam and Torkham Naib Tehsildar Tehseenullah along with other staff visited Torkham border on Thursday and expressed satisfaction over the arrangements.

Gul Rafique, an Afghan national, said while talking to TNN that Pakistan has taken a commendable step by providing the much-needed facilities at the border for travellers. He said the elderly people, women and children used to stand in queues for their turn under the open sky, but now their difficulties have reduced with construction of the shelter for them. He hoped that Pakistan will provide more facilities for travellers in future.

“Travellers should be facilitated on both sides of the border. Pakistan has taken a really noble step by providing facilities to travellers on its side of the border,” he told TNN.

The Landikotal administration provided these facilities at the border on the directions of the Peshawar commissioner and political agent of Khyber Agency. So far water coolers and shelters have been set up at the border, which have reduced the difficulties of the people crossing the border to a great extent.

Torkham is the main border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan and thousands of people and vehicles cross the border on daily basis.


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