BARA, 27 May: Repair and desilting work has started on Spera Dam in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency, which was damaged in a 2009 flooding.

A huge chunk of arable lands in Malikdinkhel and Shalober areas were turned barren due to destruction of this water reservoir. The irrigation department said that a total of 40.83 million rupees have been set aside for the project—20.1 million rupees for construction of water channels and the remaining for repair and desilting of the dam. The irrigation department added that another 50 million rupees would be released for repair and desilting of the Spera Dam.

The residents of Bara have lauded the decision of the authorities concerned to repair the dam. “This water reservoir would help us irrigate our crops, orchards and forests. It would bring greenery to our forests. Government should extend us more help in this regard,” they said.


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