Displaced children from FATA carrying their luggage on a donkey cart. - Photo by Saleemur Rehman Afridi

BARA, 2 June: The government has postponed the repatriation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Shalobar tribe of Khyber Agency till 8 June.

The FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) said the repatriation of displaced persons from Wandagray, Dre Plari and Sheikh Mali sub-tribes was to begin today but it has been postponed till 8 June due to some unavoidable reasons.

People of Shalobar tribe have expressed frustration and disappointment in delay in their repatriation process. They said despite hot weather and approaching holy month of Ramazan the administration is using different delaying tactics in their repatriation process.

The Shalobar tribesmen said most people have completed arrangements for going back to their native areas and they have also vacated their rented houses. They demanded the government to complete the repatriation process before the month of Ramazan.

“The holy month of Ramazan is heading closer and our homes at our native areas also need a lot of repair work. The government should not change dates of our repatriation if it is serious in sending us back. The government should send us to our homes 15-20 days ahead of Ramazan to give us ample time for repairing our homes. The government should fix a final date for honourable repatriation of the displaced people,” a displaced tribesman told TNN.


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