BATTAGRAM, September 24: Residents of Jabarh Gangwal area in Battagram district have demanded the administration to stop deforestation.

Local residents told media that timber mafia had cut down hundreds of trees and the process continued till now. The felling of trees is adversely affecting the environment and beauty of the area, they added.

A local elder, Mr Riazuddin, told TNN that government officials were also part of timber mafia and involved in the cutting of forests.

“About 400 trees were cut off in one week and the deforestation continues. The trees’ cutting has been banned officially in Jabarh Gangwal area but even then the timber mafia is doing its job. It’s unfair, because it affects the environment and it may pose threat of floods in future,” he added.

The District Officer of Forests, Mr Zafar Ali Khan, said they had asked the officials of the department in Alai to take action against the timber mafia and stop deforestation.


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