BARA, 28 April: The people of Khyber Agency have demanded the government to conduct local bodies elections in Khyber Agency like other parts of the country.

The local people told TNN that the government writ has been restored in completely in Khyber Agency and the repatriation process of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) has also been underway. They said the local bodies polls in Khyber Agency will resolve the problems of the people on grassroots level.

The local tribesmen said the local bodies polls were also held in the past in Khyber Agency which benefited the poor people of the area. They said the local bodies elections should be held in whole FATA.

“These elections are important as the local councillors or nazims point out issues requiring immediate attention. Lack of local bodies polls means might is right,” a local tribesman told TNN.

“The common man has no access to MNAs. However, they can access councillors at their homes and in bazaars. The problems could be conveyed easily to councillors than MNAs,” another person said.

The local bodies elections were held successfully in Khyber Agency in 2003.


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