Photo by Ghulam Akber

LAKKI MARWAT, 20 December: The residents of 20 villages in Lakki Marwat have agreed to administer polio drops to their children after having successful negotiations with Deputy Commissioner and other concerned officials on Tuesday.

The residents of Nawar Khel, Zeeran, Masti Khel, Eesak Khel and other villages said that Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)had disconnected electricity on the pretext of recovery of bills for last few days. Therefore, they boycotted the campaign of administering polio drops to their children and warned to continue the boycott  till the restoration of electricity, repair of tube wells and reconstruction of roads in their areas.

In this regard, a Jirga was held in the office of Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Bakhtyar Khan on Monday but to no avail.

However, the villagers agreed to administer polio drops to their children after holding successful negotiations with local administration in the hujra of Village Council Chairman Gul Rehman in Nawar Khel village on Tuesday.

Addressing the jirga, the Deputy Commissioner Bakhtyar Khan said that people were creating problems for themselves as well as the administration by refusing to vaccinate their children against the crippling disease.  He said that the residentss of these villages should not condition polio vaccination with other issues as polio was a great threat to their children.

On the occasion, the brother of Member of National Assembly from Lakki Marwat (MNA) and District Councillor Amir Nawaz Khan announced Rs. 10 million package for the reconstruction of roads and promised to fix ten tube wells in the respective villages.

The Deputy Commissioner also assured that he would hold talks with the officials of WAPDA for the restoration of electricity to the 20 villages at the earliest.