BARA, 14 August: Residents of Tirah Maidan area of Bara subdivision have demanded of the government to establish a NADRA office in the valley as they had been facing difficulties in obtaining Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs).

Talking to TNN local residents said they had to travel 120km distance for obtaining new CNICs or renewing the expired one.

“We have to travel to Peshawar and cover about 120km distance as there is no NADRA office in the valley. We face more problems while making CNICs for women,” Shal Akbar, a resident of Tirah Maidan said.

“Further, we have to stay in hotels as it takes two or three days to apply for CNIC, which doubles our expenses,” he continued.

Another tribesman Fazal Khan said since peace has been restored in the area, the government should establish NADRA office.

“I will apply for the CNIC whenever a NADRA office is established here, otherwise I won’t apply for it as I cannot go to Peshawar due to many reasons,” Fazal Khan maintained.