Six Shia families displaced 37 years ago were repatriated to their hoedown in Sadda, Kurram tribal district. Photo by Ali Afzal

Ali afzal afzaal

PARACHINAR: The relocation of internal displaced persons from Shia and Sunni communities in Kurram has been underway for the second consecutive day as six more families from Shia community were repatriated to Sadda town from Parachinar on Thursday after 37 years of displacement.

These families were displaced to Parachinar from Sadda in 1980s due to the deadly sectarian clashes between Shia and Sunni in Kurram Agency.

Similarly during 2007 sectarian clashes at Parachinar City, hundreds of families of Sunni community displaced and were living in Kohat, Abbotabad, Peshawar are now being repatriated by security forces after 11 years of displacement.

Hundreds of people were killed while properties worth billions of rupees were damaged in these sectarian clashes.

After bringing ceasefire and Murre Accord between Shia and Sunni tribes at Kurram, Law Enforcement Agencies and Political Administration initiated a historical step of repatriating these displaced populations from the two communities on Wednesday. At least 10 displaced families of the Sunni community were warmly welcomed & received by the Turi and Bangash Tribes’ elders at Bab-e-Kurram  (entrance gate of Parachinar) yesterday.

The keys of the renovated houses at Usmania Plaza in Parachinar City were delivered to the owners by Pak Army officials in the presence of local elders of Turi, Bangash Tribes and civil society members of Parachinar.

Today on 21st June, displaced families of Shia Community were taken to their respective town Sadda in by Army and local administration officials. Upon their arrivals in the town, they were received and welcomed by hundreds of residents of Sadda town.

Photo by Ali Afzal

HAJI BAKHT JAMAL, a tribal elder of Sunni community in Kurram said that Shia and Sunnis are coexisting in Kurram for centuries and were living like brothers. “Under peace deal, we will ensure protection of Shia community in Sadda”, he added.

On the occasion, Haji Noor Mohd (Secretary, Injuman-e-Hussainya) said that it’s a historical moment for both Shia and Sunni communities of Kurram for revival of their brotherhood and strengthening inter-faith harmony. He urged local inhabitants to play a positive role in restoring peace and interfaith harmony among the two communities.

Further he acknowledged the measures taken by local government and Law Enforcement Agencies for restoration of peace and the authorities concerned to play their vital role in dissolving collective tribal lands issues in the region.

Sajid Hussain, a repatriated person whose family had been displaced in 80s from their native hometown Sadda due to deadly sectarian clashes, said he was feeling immense pleasure on relocating to his native hometown. He gave the credit the Pak Army for restoration of peace in Kurram.