Reviving fishing: 10,000 fish seeds released in Khunarai dam

KHYBER: The Fisheries Department of Merged Tribal Districts has released 10,000 fish seeds in Khunarai dam, a remote area of Mullagori, a sub-district of Jamrud in Khyber district on Friday.

Director Fisheries Mohammad Arshad Aziz, Deputy Director Mohammad Shafi Marwat, Inspector Mohammad Sajjad, Supervisor Kamran and Local Staff member Humayun Khalil Abrar and Molagori tribal elders were also present on this occasion.

Media persons were informed that Fisheries Department has released four type of fish breeds –Silver, Raho, Maori and Grace –at the dam that the officials believe will not only maintain the biodiversity but will also create job opportunities for the local people.

Director Fisheries Mohammad Arshad Aziz said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Minister of Agriculture, Mohibullah Khan, Secretary, Agriculture Mohammad Israr Khan and Director General Fisheries Khosro Kalim has directed to launch this program at each district. The program will also be helpful in enhancing food security at the local level.

He said that besides this dam, Bara Dam and private ponds would soon provide fish seeds to encourage fish farming in Khyber tribal district. “The purpose of this initiative is to provide employment to the people of the area as well as provide them fresh fish,” said Director Fisheries Arshid Aziz to media persons.

The elders of Mullagori area appreciated the KP government and the Fisheries Department for launching the project in their area. Due to increasing fishing number of fishes usually decreasing, for which it is necessary to release fish seeds in natural lacks, dams and rivers to maintain biodiversity.

On August 23, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa fisheries department has released 99500 fish seeds into Swat River as a part of the commitment to improve the aquatic ecosystem, which they believe, will ultimately create job opportunities for local people. The official added 45500 more fish seeds will be released in the river during the coming days.


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