MINGORA, July 1: The River Swat has been focus of tourists’ attention as local residents and those from other areas visit Swat in form of groups to enjoy swimming in the cold water.

TNN correspondent says about 15 people have drowned in the river during the last 10 days.

However, these incidents did not deter crowds of people from swimming in the cold water. Administration officials say those who drowned included people who used to extract sand from the river for sale.

The officials also say that they did not ban swimming in the river due to hot weather but that they kept on advising people to be careful.

One of the swimmers told TNN, “We come here because the weather is too hot on other areas. Also, the hot weather is unbearable due to excessive loadshedding. Our parents often stop us from swimming in the river but it helps us beat the heat.”

Another said, “We know many people have drowned, that’s why we try to swim in sides of the river.”

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