PESHAWAR, 26 July: A new spell of heavy rain begun in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA on Saturday night after which nullahs and streams are overflowing on streets and roads causing numerous hardships for commuters.

Rainwater inundated different roads in Peshawar on Sunday due to which massive traffic jams were witnessed.

“One of the drawbacks of heavy rain is that the overflowing nullah water mixed with sewerage water enters the houses. Some of the nullahs and roads are very narrow and there is no proper arrangement for drainage of rainwater. The government should pay attention to this problem,” a commuter who was stuck in traffic at the University Road told TNN.

“People’s clothes got stained in the rainwater flowing on roads. The vehicles of many people are also stuck in the water. The government should make proper arrangements for cleaning nullahs to avoid such problems,” another citizen said.

The Metrological Department has predicted more rains in the coming days which may create flood situation in some areas. The Peshawar district administration has already declared emergency in Peshawar after issuing of the flood warning and cancelled holidays of all concerned departments.