PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has finalised a development package of Rs2.2 billion for Zakhakhel bazaar and its surrounding areas in Khyber tribal district.

The development package was framed with consultation of the local elders and community keeping in view the under-development and needs of the region.

The package will have the duration of three years which would be spent in seven sectors including public health engineering, irrigation, municipalities, agriculture, livestock forestry and skills development. The basic aim of the package was to introduce projects which create job opportunities for local youth and generating economic activity in the region.

Key projects in the plan include 42 solar pressure pumps worth Rs170 million, 10 drinking water projects costing Rs40.6 million, 22 projects of flood prevention work worth Rs160 million, 13 irrigation channel projects costing Rs80 million, 15 water preservation projects worth Rs160 million, 21 solar tube wells worth Rs21 million and internship program for youth worth Rs20 million.

Under the package, an amount of Rs560 million would be spent on increasing crops production, enhancing capacity of farmers and promotion of modern technology in agriculture sector. To enhance skills development of youth, Rs200 million would be utilised for the benefit of 1,000 youth. Under the Rs170 million livestock projects, cattle would be provided for the promotion of poultry and Rs40 million for distribution of plants and nurseries among the local community.

Residential flats for industrial workers

The KP government has set up 2,056 flats in Labour City Phase 1 Regi Lalma, Peshawar for registered industrial workers and these would be given to the registered industrial workers under the ownership rights.

KP Minister for Labour and Culture Shaukat Yousafzai says the Department of Labour and Culture has started several housing schemes for the workers across the province. He said in a meeting the existing quarters would also be handed over to certified registered labourers after proper process. In addition, he said, more quarters for labourers were being set up across the province.

The minister claimed that this is the first time that workers are getting property rights. He said that funds have been allocated for sanitation, water, street lights and other administrative issues in Mardan Labour Colony.


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