PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has spent Rs24 billion on 127 projects in merged tribal districts in 17 sectors, an official report reveals.

The KP Planning and Development Department has released a report on Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) for merged tribal districts for the fiscal year 2019-20 according to which a total of Rs142 billion have been allocated for the program. So far, the government has spent 16.9 percent of the funds and more funds will be spent during the current fiscal.

The report, which has been released with the approval of KP Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, stated that development projects were carried out despite huge difficulties in shape of unavailability of proper record after merger of erstwhile Fata with KP, resources constraints and coronavirus pandemic.

According to the report, the provincial government will work on 261 projects during the fiscal year 2020-21 including the ongoing projects and the new ones. A total amount of Rs49 billion has been allocated for the uplift schemes for the fiscal year 2020-21 under the AIP.

According to the progress report, Rs12.265 billion funds have been spent on relief and rehabilitation sector, while Rs6.6 billion have been spent on restoration of businesses affected by militancy and military operations in tribal districts. It further revealed that Rs1.51 billion have been spent on extending the Rescue 1122 service at the district level, while Rs0.75 billion have been spent on improving the service at the divisional level. Further details showed that Rs2.9 billion have been spent on different school projects. Healthcare projects consumed Rs2.6 billion, and irrigation projects consumed Rs1.5 billion. The report further revealed that Rs0.15 billion and Rs0.13 billion were spent on providing youth development package and sports facilities, respectively, during the first year of the AIP.

The repair and restoration of seven trade routes in merged districts cost Rs1.869 billion, energy sector consumed Rs6.32 billion, social development cost Rs20.6 million, and Rs1.2 billion were spent on industrial sector for providing interest-free loans under the Insaf Rozgar Scheme.

The report further said that Rs1.34 billion were released for the agricultural sector in the first year of the AIP.