BARA, 15 May: As the mercury has started going up, the business of substandard cold-drinks and ice-creams has also witnessed a sharp growth in Khyber Agency.

A number of shops in this tribal region have come out with substandard juices and ice-creams. On the other hand, local doctors are of the opinion that unhindered sale of such food items may confront people of diarrhea, dyspepsia, and hepatitis.

The resident said that once their kids go out of the homes, they know nothing about what their children eat. It is the responsibility of the government to put a strict ban on sale of substandard food items, they said. “Kids usually like sweets, this is why they buy such things,” said a resident. While another dweller of the area said: “Whenever my children buy something from the nearby shop they suffer from throat infection. I appeal the parents to direct their kids to exercise caution and avoid using substandard food items otherwise they would be confronted with a number of diseases.”


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