ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered a 20 per cent decrease in private schools fees whose fees are in excess of Rs5,000.

The apex court also ordered the schools to return fees they had charged for summer vacations. It also ruled that the order would be applicable on the schools across the country. The court was hearing a case pertaining to high fees charged by private schools.

The court  in October had ordered the institutes to furnish their respective audit reports.  And instrucked the authority for way out to the issue of high fees being collected from parents.

The audit reports of various schools including Beaconhouse School System, The City School, Lahore Grammar School, Roots School System, Bayview Academy and 15 other schools were submitted before the court.

The reports mentioned that the directors and top officials of the schools had received Rs62 million in salaries in 2017. While, a sum of Rs512m was spent on employees’ salaries in one year.

The chief justice observed that a regulatory board would have to approved hike of more than five percent in the school fee.

In any case, the court said that any increase in the fee cannot be more than eight percent. The interim order further said the owners cannot shut down their schools.

Why is it a time to end the monopoly of private schools in khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Here is a blog explaining monopoly of private schools in kp.



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