Dost Ali

MIRANSHAH: A government primary school, which was closed for the last 20 years due to local feuds, has been reopened with the efforts of the tribal education reconciliation Jirga.

Mashalkot Primary School in Shewa tehsil was closed for the last 20 years due to disputes among the tribal elders in the village. The education Jirga head Asghar Khan along with the local tribal elders visited the school few days ago. The Jirga members managed to persuade the tribal elders to reopen the school in the great interest of the area children.

District Education Officer Habibullah Khan also played important role in the reopening of the school as he fully supported the education Jirga.

Although the school building has been damaged badly after 20-year closure and war against militancy, it was reopened for children on Monday. Tents have been set up in the school as temporary arrangement to attend their classes.