jail education

TIMERGARA, September 12:  The administration of Temergara Jail in Lower Dir district has established a school inside the jail to continue education process of the juvenile prisoners and eight children are currently studying there.

The Jail Superintendent, Mr Attaullah Khan, told TNN that he was fulfilling the educational expenses of those children from his personal finances, while the teacher had been provided by the District Education Department.

He added that after the release of these children, a certificate would be provided to them so that they could get admission in other schools.

One of the students, of seventh class, said there were more facilities for them in the jail school as compared to other schools.

“Here we study with great interest and teacher is also very good. I was a student of seventh class before coming to jail and now here I am studying in the same class. We will continue our education after release from the jail. I want to be a pilot and wish to play role for my country’s development,” he added.