Locals and police officials looking at explosives defused by security forces in Lower Dir.Photo by Shahid Hussain

LOWER DIR, 12 October:  Security forces on Monday averted a terror plot against a private school here in Lower Dir.

Officials of Lal Qila police station said that they were informed by the guard of a private school in the morning  that  someone had left explosives in a bag outside the school gate. Subsequently, the officials of Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) were sent to the site where they defused explosives, they said.

According to BDS officials, the bag carried six kilogram of explosives, a pressure cooker, two watches and electric detonators. They said that the terrorists had set the bomb timer for 1 pm when the five hundred students enrolled in the school leave for home through the gate. They said  had the plot not foiled on time, it could have killed hundreds of students.  Local people gave Rs 50000 as prize to the BDS for defusing the explosives.

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