PESHAWAR, October 25: Non-government organizations, the Pakistan Cancer Support Group and Pink Ribbon, held a seminar to raise awareness about breast cancer amongst women at the Rehman Medical Institute.

On the occasion, known oncologist Ms Saifoora Shahid said hundreds of thousands of women died of breast cancer every year for not being diagnosed and treated on the right time.

She added that the women felt shy of speaking about the tumour and the matters related to it.

On the occasion, doctors briefed girl students and other women about prevention and treatment of the disease.

“In our province, girls and women hesitate to discuss such matters with their mothers, sisters and mothers-in-law. They can’t tell them about the tumors in their breasts. You all should regularly go to see the doctors. If you are diagnosed with the cancer, it is just a small tumor in initial stage, which can easily be treated,” stated Ms Saifoora Shahid.

Cancer awareness programmes, seminars and lectures are arranged in October around the globe.


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