PESHAWAR, 21 December: A welfare organization named as Malteser International organized a seminar on natural disaster mitigation here in local hotel on Wednesday.

Speakers at the seminar said that role of health sector is crucial in times of natural disasters, therefore, health officials and departments should be properly trained and prepared to cope with emergency situation in order to reduce chances of human loses.

Since the occurrences of natural disasters have increased in Pakistan over the past few years, the government should work on disaster mitigation rather than just focusing on rehabilitation activities.

Peshawar District Nazim Arbab Asim, local government representatives and a large number of people from different walks of life attended the seminar.

Program Officer Malteser International Nusrat Iqbal told TNN, “Purpose of the seminar was to create awareness about the importance of reducing financial expenditures in the health sector in times of natural disasters. The seminar also stressed on keeping  close  cooperation  between government and  non-government organizations in time  of emergencies”