A view of a seminar on media ethics about women’s news in Mardan. - Photo by Azmat Ali Shah

MARDAN, 18 December: A seminar on media ethics about women’s news was organised in Mardan on Thursday.

The purpose of the seminar was to create awareness among the journalists to portray women in the positive light in the media. Speakers at the seminar arranged by Aks, a non-governmental organisation, at the Mardan Press Club said women are being subjected to harassment in the media and some media houses have made a business of wrong portrayal of women. They said the media persons instead of adopting a feminist approach towards the news story should focus on its news value.

Riaz Hussain, a local journalist, told TNN that women do not get ample coverage in the Pakistani media. “Women are portrayed as a showpiece in the media. Our journalists are not properly trained on how to portray women in the media,” he said.

He added that such seminars should be organised on a regular basis to train the journalists on how to treat news about women.


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