PESHAWAR: The Senate on Monday unanimously passed a resolution against holding a blasphemous cartoon competition by a Dutch party in The Netherlands.

The Senate said in its resolution that a formal protest should be lodged with the Dutch government through its embassy in Islamabad. The resolution asked government to urge UN for global consensus against such blasphemous initiatives by a handful of mischief mongers, whose sole aim seems to create communal discord and social unrest.

After passing of the resolution, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the recurrence of sacrilegious cartoon competitions is the collective failure of Muslims worldwide. He said his government would raise this issue at the United Nations.

Imran said the West doesn’t understand the sensitivity of the issue and they hold such competitions. He said the people holding such competitions don’t understand how much this blasphemous material hurts our sentiments. He said the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will have to take a lead on this issue.

The PM said that in at least four European countries, one can be jailed for even disputing the exact number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. He said there is double standard on the issue of freedom of expression.