WANA: Unidentified persons kidnapped a senior doctor in Wana, South Waziristan on Wednesday. The local sources said Dr Noor Hanan was going home after performing his duty in TB hospital of South Waziristan when unknown persons kidnapped him on gunpoint.

But a statement released from the office of Ajmal Wazir, adviser to Chief Minister in Merged districts, said they Dr Noor Hanan was kidnapped from TB hospital by unknown men on gunpoint. However, the district administration and police have said that further investigation in the case is continued and the doctors will be recovered soon.

Ajmal Wazir takes notice

Advisor to Chief Minister on Merged districts Ajmal Khan Wazir has taken notice of the kidnapping of senior doctor in South Waziristan and directed the district administration and police for immediate efforts for his safe recovery.

DC South Waziristan assured Ajmal Khan Minister to take steps to recover abducted doctor. Ajmal Khan Wazir also sought a report from DPO South Waziristan Atiqullah Wazir about the kidnapping of the physician and the efforts so far taken for his recovery.

The police chief has informed that all entry and exit routes to the district have been blocked by the police and all efforts underway to recover him safe and without any delay.  Police said that strict Checking continues on all police, Lewis and Army check posts in the district.

Ajmal Khan Wazir warned that very strict action will be taken against all those who are deteriorating the peace condition in South Waziristan district.

On April 24, Muhammad Riaz, an Additional Collector Inland Revenue, was abducted on gunpoint by unidentified armed men from his home town in Tank along with three relatives and a guest from their Hujra in Murtaza in the limit of Gomal bazaar police station. ON July 19, they were recovered from the tribal district of South Waziristan after four months.