Senior reporter Aneela Shaheen. - A file photo

PESHAWAR: Aneela Shaheen, a senior female reporter with 24News TV channel, has resigned from her position in protest against sacking of journalists.

In her resignation letter to Mohsin Naqvi, owner of the channel, Aneela Shaheen said she is associated with the field of journalism for the last 20 years, but she is seeing such awkward situation for the first time. She said people associated with the organisation since many years are being expelled on a single phone call, which is regrettable.

Aneela Shaheen said four employees were sacked on Thursday and she was waiting for someone in the HR Department to tell her about her sacking, but that did not happen so far.

“So I considered it fit to resign myself and raise my voice against this injustice,” she wrote.

She regretted that other options for reducing the expenditure were ignored and the organisation preferred to sack the employees. She said she has no complaint from the director news as he is a professional person. “But I am particularly disappointed in you that despite your tall claims and beliefs, how can you commit such injustice with workers,” she went on to say. She continued that how such an experienced administrator can lose courage amid a time of trial.

She said this difficult time will pass one day, but the people will be remembered for their acts during this time. She said the reporters, cameramen and staff bring news for the organisation in low resources and challenging circumstances, but the organisation sacks them first whenever it feels pressure. She said depriving the people of their bread and butter is a big injustice. She said she is resigning to reduce the ‘financial burden’ of the organisation and save someone else’s job.

In the concluding lines she prayed Almighty Allah to help the sacked journalists and their families.